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Dr. A K Singal Provides 360 Degrees of Coordinated Care in Pediatric Urology in India

Pediatric urology surgery in India

Pediatric urology is a surgical subspecialty of medicine coping with the disorders of children’s genitourinary systems. The most common problems are those involving disorders of urination, reproductive organs and testes. Some of the issues require urgent treatment immediately after birth. It's far a complicated field and needs specialist to determine while surgical treatment is needed and while it can be avoided. Most of the people are unaware to the common urological problems of children. That is due to the fact they're no longer often discussed outside the family.

What Disorders Can Cure with Pediatric Urology Surgery?

Paediatric urologists treat children with reconstructive problems related to the genitourinary tract. Pediatric urology is a surgical subspecialty managing the issues of kid's genitourinary systems the most common issues are the ones regarding issues of urination, reproductive organs and testes. The common pediatric urological problems include: Bladder control problems such as bedwetting and daytime urinary incontinence, Undescended testes, Hypospadias  is a congenital defect of males; bladder and kidney stones, malformations of penis, urinary obstructions, neurogenic bladder, tumours and cancers of kidneys, repair of genitourinary trauma, malformations and birth defects such as ambiguous genitalia, intersex conditions etc.

Who is Best Surgeon for Pediatric Urology Surgery in India?

When a child is faced with a urologic condition, parents can trust in Dr. A K Singal pediatric urologist surgeon in India to provide the highest quality of care for infants, children and adolescents with urologic and gynecologic problems. He is also the founding director for hypospadias foundation. He treats children of every age, from infants to teenagers, in addition to provide prenatal care. He's taking a team technique and work intently with different specialists. He is among the best pediatric urologist surgeon in India at treating pediatric urological conditions. He provides the most advanced and minimally invasive procedures to your little one. Maximum of his surgical procedures are carried out with the use of smaller incisions or a infant’s natural openings, which can result in much less scarring, quicker recuperation time, fewer infections and much less pain in your baby.

If Your Baby Have Urological disorders are diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract and You are Looking for Best Paediatric Urosurgeon in India, I refer to you Dr. A K Singal Pediatric urologist at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai India. 

What are the Success Rates of Pediatric Urology Surgery with Dr. A K Singal?

Dr. A K Singal pediatric urologist surgeon in India sees more than 4,000 patients, and performs approximately 1,500 surgeries each year. This has been achieved with success in 99% cases in over 5000 consecutive surgeries over last ten years delivered on fixed packages. He strives to provide care that is safe, effective, and family-centered with respect for the dignity and individuality of your child and family. He assures you of painless technique and a high success rate at much lower rate in India compared to the western countries

Where Can I get Appointment with Dr. A K Singal?

From simple cases to the most complex conditions, Dr. A K Singal pediatric urologist surgeon in India takes the time to get to know your child, listen to your concerns and create a treatment plan designed specifically for your child’s condition. India laparoscopy surgery services has affiliation with a number of the best pediatric urologists in India who are substantially skilled in India & abroad & operate at state of the art hospitals equipped with the latest & most sophisticated technology. Our surgeons perform new urosurgery approaches along with minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of pediatric urological conditions & thus provide assured relief from all sorts of urology problems. The pediatric urological treatment in India is very cost effective & costs around 1-10th of what it costs in any western country like USA, UK, when the success rate compares favorably with the best such facilities in these countries.

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