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Dr.Rakesh Khera-Specialist Surgeon in India Providing Guaranteed Uro Oncology Surgery


Each year thousands of men and women are diagnosed with uro cancer comprising disorders like kidney, prostate and bladder cancer. These diseases have been seen to spread on the international level. Due to this reason abroad patients are approaching Dr. Rakesh Khera specialist surgeon in India providing guaranteed Uro Oncology Surgery. Most people around the world have some wrong concepts about urinary cancers. Due to this reason they are not able to judge themselves when their body catches uro cancers. Wrong concepts and judgments are generally seen in the field of uro oncology however if one approaches an experienced and well certified uro oncologist then he can save himself from being victim of fatal urology tumors.

You must know that the urinary tract is among the most sensitive organ of the human body. The patient may feel mentally and physically tortured when he suffers from any kind of urinary cancer like kidney, prostate and urinary bladder cancers. It is essential to recognize these cancers along with their symptoms. Further if you approach any uro oncologist then he will explain you about the stages of these disorders concerned with cancers of urinary tract. However you should not feel too nervous because there are oncology experts who have expertise in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of urology cancers. They can also tell you about the potential benefits of oncology cure.

Dr. Rakesh Khera Uro Oncology at Medanta The Medicity Gurgaon India

Dr. Rakesh Khera Uro Oncology at Medanta The Medicity Gurgaon India

When we talk of cancers that come under the medical branch of uro oncology then we find that prostate cancer is the most fatal forms of oncology tumors in males after skin cancer. It is the second chief reason that causes death of men all around the globe after lung cancer. Researches made by American oncologists have proved that more than 200,000 new cases of this disease have been reported in USA each year. However a couple of patients have been seen to get cured of this disease due to early detection, diagnosis and treatment of this urology cancer. Doctors have reported that this disorder can be cured if detected during its early stages.

Bladder cancer is among another yet dangerous form of urinary cancers. Nearly 50,000 new patients of this cancer have been seen and diagnosed each year in Asia and Europe. Bladder cancer has become the cause of more than 12000 deaths each year in underdeveloped countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This disease is detected physically when its patients display hematuria (blood in urine). The best way to diagnose this disorder is to use cystoscopy. When an urological oncology surgeon peeps into the urinary bladder then he has to determine what kind of bladder cancer it is. However a pathologist can display what kind of disorder it is and what is the aggressive count of this disease. Medical personalities have declared that these cancers can be detected and cured with the help of urological oncology procedures like laparoscopy, andrology and nephrology with least or zero percent post surgery complications.

The Final Conclusion

The service partnership among uro oncology surgeons at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon India and healthcare tourism industry at Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai and Bangalore has resulted many cancer patients approaching Dr. Rakesh Khera who is shining star in the field urinary oncology. He is a proven genius who has produced a wonderful record in doing less price effective cancer surgeries during last one decade. Dr. Rakesh Khera is holding the degree of M.B.B.S and M.S from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences at Wardha. Currently he is working as the associate director at Kidney & Urology department of Medanta Hospital.

Dr. Khera is holding surgical specialization in robotic surgery for kidney, bladder and prostate cancer. He has done specialization in Uro Oncology. He has being considered as one of the finest experts who has covered and solved many cases of urology surgeries. He employs da Vinci robotic surgery to cure cancers of prostate gland, bladder and kidney. He has also given successful post surgery results in the field of urology procedures like nephrology. 

Dr. Rakesh Khera, Uro Oncologist in India

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