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Kidney Care Begins With Dr. Manju Aggarwal Best Nephrologist in India


Nephrology deals with study at of the normal operating of the kidneys in addition to its illnesses. Nephrology is specialty of medicine concerned with kidney physiology, kidney disease, the treatment of kidney problems and renal replacement therapy. Systemic conditions that affect the kidneys e.g. diabetes and autoimmune disease and systemic problems that arise as a result of kidney issues e.g. metabolic bone sickness and hypertension are also studied in nephrology.

Dr. Manju Aggarwal Specializing in the Treatment of Kidney Diseases

Dr. Manju Aggarwal best kidney surgeon in India is committed to providing excellence in diagnosis and management of hypertension and kidney disease in India. She sets the standard of excellence in the field of nephrology, offering an integrated and comprehensive approach to health care. She treats hypertension, acute and chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones, proteinuria, electrolyte problems, and glomerular, diabetic and polycystic kidney disease. She provides state-of-the-art dialysis care, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. She believes that by providing her patients with the information they need, they will be able to make better, more informed decisions pertaining to their healthcare. In some cases, offering them the knowledge they need is the first step that allows them to improve their lifestyle.

What Makes Dr. Manju Aggarwal the Best Nephrologist in India

  • Dr. Manju Aggarwal famous nephrologist in Gurgaon India use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to find out what’s causing a patient’s kidney complications. She then guides patients through the road to recovery with a customized treatment plan. For some patients, a full kidney transplant may be necessary, but she takes the time to explore all of options before resorting to open surgery.
  • She provides high quality, compassionate care to patients with kidney and hypertension disorders in India.
  • For over 35 years, she has served patients in Gurgaon. Specializing in comprehensive care of acute and chronic renal disorders, she has years of combined kidney treatment experience.
     If you have Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Disease and you are Searching for the Best Kidney Doctors in India I Recommended One of the Famous Kidney Disease Specialist Dr. Manju Aggarwal Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. You Can Book Appointment on call at +91-9373055368

What Expect During Consultation with Dr. Manju Aggarwal 

If someone feels they are having problems with their kidneys, they can seek out the care of a Dr. Manju Aggarwal best kidney specialist in Gurgaon. When a kidney doctor first meets with a patient, she will usually go over the patient’s medical history. She will then do blood and urine tests to determine how well the patient’s kidneys are functioning. She may also order a kidney ultrasound. When necessary, she may perform a kidney biopsy in order to better determine what is wrong with the kidneys. If she finds that an affected person’s kidneys are not functioning as they should, she will be able to assist diagnose the cause and prescribe a treatment plan. During these visits, she is also likely to adjust blood pressure medicines and may initiate or adjust therapy for a variety of other problems, such as diabetes, anemia and high cholesterol.

Benefits of Choosing India Laparoscopy Surgery Service

India laparoscopy surgery service offers seamless patient services of world-class quality. We recognize that international patients have special needs and requirements. We have a dedicated International Patients' wing specially crafted and designed for you to enjoy true medical value travel in India. Patient safety is our top priority. Our hospitals have been designed with patient safety in mind. We have all the safety precautions and mechanisms in place. All our staff is trained to handle any unforeseen eventualities.

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  • Currency exchange
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