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Dr A. K. Singal Offers Treatment For an Undescended Testis Taking Control of All your Urology Problems


The testes expand within the abdomen inside the male fetus after which pass down (descend) into the scrotum before or just after birth. Undescended testes (or cryptorchidism) are a condition when one or both of the testes have not descended into the scrotum at birth, but stay in the abdomen or only move part way down into the scrotum.

What is the treatment for an undescended testis in India?

If the child is under 6 months old when an undescended testicle is diagnosed then some time is usually given to see if it will descend on its own. The majority will descend on their own and do not need treatment. An undescended testis is best treated in early childhood. Most can be felt in the inguinal canal, which leads from the tummy to the testes' sac. They are usually treated by a short operation called an orchidopexy. This is an operation to carry the testis down from the stomach to its regular region within the scrotum. It is a short operation which is done under a general anaesthetic. It is usually possible for your child to go home on the same day of having the operation. The orchidopexy can either is performed the usage of conventional open surgical treatment or by using keyhole surgical procedure. The surgeon will move the testis down into the scrotum and then close up the passage through which the testis should have travelled. This stops the testis moving back into your child's abdomen. Occasionally, men need treatment for an undescended testis. The testis can either be removed or orchidopexy can be performed.

Dr A. K. Singal providing specialised surgical and medical urological care 

Dr A. K. Singal is a pediatric urosurgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai with an experience of 11+ years. He is also the founding director for hypospadias foundation. Dr A. K. Singal pediatric urosurgeon at Fortis Hospital Mumbai offers a broad range of surgical procedures – covering both routine and highly complex cases for newborn, infants, older children and adolescents. Dr A. K. Singal best pediatric urologist surgeon in India offers high degree of specialization provided enables accurate diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. He do not limit the scope of his services alone to surgery and care but go beyond that to provide a holistic healing experience for both patients and parents. Dr A. K. Singal top pediatric urologist surgeon in India has been on the forefront and is rated as one of the pediatric urosurgeon not only in the country but at the international level for its quality patient care, teaching, training and research. 

Dr A. K. Singal offers the strongest care with a gentle touch

Dr A. K. Singal best urologist specialist in Mumbai India provides excellent urological care is provided with using the latest technology; he offers advanced urological care parallel to international standards. Dr A. K. Singal top pediatric urologist in Mumbai constantly strives to make a difference to clinical outcomes for the patients by ensuring that he has highly qualified & experienced team along with latest technology/technique to deliver outstanding clinical outcomes. Dr A. K. Signal’s is an expert in pediatric urology and the management of children with urinary and fecal incontinence. His new technique of operation for pyeloplasty in children has been internationally accepted and appreciated.

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Dr. A K Singal, Best Pediatric Urosurgeon, India 
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