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Laparoscopy Uterus Removal Surgery in Delhi – a Very Rewarding Decision for the International Patients

Also referred to as Vaginal Hysterectomy, this procedure is to remove the uterus via the vagina. Instead of an incision in the belly, a cut is made in the vagina to perform this surgery. Along with the Uterus, the ovaries or the fallopian tubes may also be taken out.
The uterus or the womb is a muscular organ located at the top of the vagina. Without the Uterus, the patients won’t have her menstrual cycles nor will she be able to conceive. In a Laparoscopic version of this surgery, a Laparoscope is passed through a small incision make near the belly button. Thus, there are fewer amounts of blood loss, scarring and pain and the recovery too is much faster. Some surgeons also used a robot for this.
This procedure is implemented in situations like:
  •   Unusual abdominal bleeding
  •   Growth of Fibroids
  •   When there are problems because the uterus has dropped into the Vagina
  •   Pre-cancerous or Cancerous cells in the Uterus
  •   Severe Pelvic Pain
Why choose Delhi for Uterus Removal surgery?
The presence of outstanding hospitals with the most extraordinary treatment choices and plethora of the most progressive dedicated departments for each kind of medical specialty, make Delhi a highly sought after treatment destination. Further, the doctors and surgeons present at the centers of excellent like Fortis, Apollo, Artemis, Max Healthcare and many such hospitals make this city the obvious choice for Laparoscopy Uterus Removal Surgery in Delhi. Also, these hospitals offer this surgery at very sensible prices.
Best Hospital for Uterus Removal in Delhi
- Fortis hospital Delhi: Fortis Group is one of the most recognized names in the healthcare sector of not only Delhi but also throughout the world. This hospital has a dedicated department to deal any healthcare ailment and has been helping innumerable patients for ages now. There is availability of excellent treatment options particularly for Laparoscopy Uterus Removal Surgery in Delhi Fortis hospital. The healthcare experts working round the clock here have vast knowledge about this field.
- Apollo Hospital Delhi: This hospital is an epitome of the finest levels of healthcare services making this group one of the most favourable and suitable for innumerable patients across the world. This is one of the best hospitals for availing Uterus Removal Surgery as Apollo has some of the best skilled doctors and surgeons, who can deal with the most complex kind of health disorders. Also, this group makes Uterus Removal Surgery Cost in Delhi very much within the budget of the patients.
Best Doctors for Uterus Removal in Delhi
- Dr. Nisha Ohri: She specializes in High Risk pregnancies, Gynaecological surgeries, Laparoscopic Surgery and treatment of Infertility. Dr. Ohri has a rich experience of about 33 years and is currently working as an empanelled Consultant at the Fortis La Femme. She is very qualified and knowledgeable about the various intricacies of Gynaecology and has expertise in dealing with extremely complicated cases very skilfully.
- Dr. Shakti Bhan Khanna: A very reputed name in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr. Khanna is presently associated with the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, and she has extensive experience of about 40 years as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Her areas of proficiency include overall women’s health, Hysterectomy procedure, Hysteroscopy and many such areas of this field.
Cost of Laparoscopy Uterus Removal surgery in Delhi
Delhi is one of the major cities in India with the best medical infrastructure and the most advanced treatment facilities for every healthcare issue; especially there are a lot of advantages for patients coming to avail Laparoscopy Uterus Removal Surgery in Delhi. In Delhi, these patients can access this procedure at a very reasonable cost as compared to many other leading nations.
Why choose us as your medical trip planner in India?
India Laparoscopy Surgery Site offers the best services as a part of your medical tour to make it a highly lucrative experience. Our range of services includes:
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