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Laparoscopic Urology Surgery in Goa at Affordable Price


Many conventional urologic surgical processes require large incisions with lengthy hospitalization and restoration. Minimally invasive surgery, also often known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgery to patients, has recently been developed in the field of urologic surgery with the advancement of engineering and computer technologies. Using a small telescope with built-in magnification mechanism and a variety of long, thin surgical instruments placed through approximately 3-5 incisions, the surgeon is able to perform minimally invasive surgery for a variety of urologic diseases and problems. Patients who have undergone these procedures have enjoyed not only the same diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of traditional open surgery but also greatly reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospitalization, faster recovery, and better cosmetic results.

Why choose Goa for urology surgery

Choose Goa for most advanced and world class urology surgery & treatment in India. Hospital in Goa pioneers in the concept of complete quality urological care under a single roof; this has been a giant step in urological care in India. Goa offers the best of urology treatment and care for all types of urological diseases. Helmed by the best urology doctor in India, Goa today is recognized for its exceptional care, accurate diagnosis and best treatment of urology diseases. Laparoscopic Urology surgery in Goa is very cost effective & affordable which costs around 1-10th of what it costs in any western country like USA, UK, when the success rate compares favorably with the best such facilities in these countries.

Best Laparoscopic Urologists in Goa

The Best Laparoscopic Urologists in Goa are abreast with the latest developments in the medical field so that medical facilities can be provided at the most affordable cost.  The best laparoscopic urologists in Goa strive to deliver the best of care and personal attention to their patients. Best laparoscopic urologists in Goa pioneers to start laparoscopic urology surgery in health services with more than a thousand laparoscopic procedures performed by them, urologists in Goa are the leading laparoscopic urology surgeon in India. Best laparoscopic urologists in Goa have already treated over 10,000 patients, conducted over 7000 varied and complex urological procedures besides over 2000 lithotripsy procedures.

Best Laparoscopic Urology Hospitals in Goa

Goa has Best Laparoscopic Urology Hospitals with state of the art in the state of Goa, India. Laparoscopic urology hospitals in the state have dually accredited by the very prestigious NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Laboratories). Best Laparoscopic Urology Hospitals in Goa have the finest talents in urology and laparoscopy, be they doctors, nurses or technicians and even management professionals across a wide spectrum. Enabling them to deliver the highest quality of healthcare are state-of-the art facilities and support infrastructure at each of all hospitals in Goa. Vision of laparoscopic urology hospitals in Goa is ‘First Word Treatment at Third World cost’. Hospitals in Goa are benchmarked to International standards - achieving quality through the relentless adherence to the protocols observed in some of the world's leading urology hospitals. Best laparoscopic urology hospitals in Goa are committed to quality care that not only addresses the illness but also concentrates on the overall wellness of the patients. For the excellency in the services and treating the most challenging cases.

Affordable Urology Surgery Packages by India Laparoscopy Surgery Services

India Laparoscopy Surgery Services Offer Some Very Affordable Urology Treatment Packages. Patients can avail benefits like the services of the finest urologists, diagnosis-treatment-to after-surgery care advice, use of latest world-class technologies, care of professional assisting staff and more. We assure you of painless technique and a high success rate at surely lower rates in comparison to the western countries. India laparoscopy surgery service is the most reputable medical provider. Our experience has helped number of patients for laparoscopic urology treatment in India. India laparoscopy surgery services offers free assistance for visa, airport transfers, stay arrangement after discharge from the hospital.

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  1. Hernia operation are one of the commonest operations &laparoscopic surgery has brought revolution to this disease. Bilateral inguinal hernia , unilateral inguinal hernia, recurrent hernia, large hernia in the inguinal region and femoral region are very well tackled by this approach of keyhole surgery. One of the most important type of hernia are the #incisional hernia & ventral hernias that happens in the abdominal wall which occurs postoperatively. They are conventionally done by open surgery but it poses lot of wound related complications like wound infections, pain, recurrent hernia, flap necroses, blacking of the skin & bad scar. All these complications can be avoided if one does laparoscopic repair .Normally the IPOM & IPOM PLUS are the the two approaches which are used for incisional hernias . Meshes used in IPOM & IPOM PLUS are very expensive and can be done away with modern way treatment of abdominal wall reconstruction know as AWR. Different approaches are Tep ie extra peritoneal approach and eTAP ie extended totally extraperitoneal approach and TAPP . These are all abbreviations of different types of hernias. Presently in very large hernias TAR is the operation in fashion. Bigger operations resulting in big incisional hernias require defect closure rather then bridging the defect by this type of an operation known as transverse abdomonis release (TAR). One can use a very large mesh 30×30 cm to reinforce abdominal wall which has been destroyed by incisional hernias. Patients functional results are superlative. These procedures can be done laparoscopically and has come as a huge advancement &revolution in hernia surgeries .

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